Discover the future of gum health with PerioLase® at our dental practice. This state-of-the-art laser technology targets and treats gum disease with unmatched precision and minimal discomfort, promoting faster healing and better outcomes. Say goodbye to traditional, invasive procedures and hello to a healthier smile with PerioLase®.

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The benefits of PerioLase® technology

Discover the advantages

PerioLase® isn’t just an advancement in dental technology—it’s a leap toward healthier, stronger gums without the stress of traditional surgery. Explore how PerioLase® is changing the game for periodontal treatment, offering benefits that extend far beyond the dentist’s chair.

  • Minimally invasive treatment

    PerioLase® offers a gentler alternative to surgery, reducing discomfort and promoting quicker recovery with less invasive methods.

  • Reduced discomfort

    Experience significantly less pain during and after treatment, as PerioLase® minimizes swelling and bleeding, enhancing patient comfort.

  • Enhanced precision and safety

    Laser precision targets only diseased tissue, preserving healthy gums, minimizing infection risk, and ensuring smoother healing.

  • Improved gum health

    Stimulate tissue regeneration and restore healthier gums with PerioLase®, improving the foundation of your teeth for overall wellness.

  • Faster healing and recovery

    Benefit from quicker healing times with PerioLase®, allowing a swift return to daily activities and improved gum health.

  • Long-term results

    PerioLase® provides lasting protection against gum disease, reducing recurrence and ensuring healthier gums for a longer period.

PerioLase LANAP Machine

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Thinking about improving your gum health? PerioLase® might be just what you need. It's a simpler, gentler way to tackle gum disease, with less pain and quicker recovery times. If you're ready for a healthier smile without the stress, give us a call or visit our website to learn more


Have questions about PerioLase® and how it can benefit your dental health? We've compiled the most common queries to help you understand this innovative treatment better. Dive into our FAQs to learn more.
  • What is PerioLase®?

    PerioLase® is a laser treatment specifically designed for the management of periodontal disease. It uses precise laser energy to target and remove diseased tissue without harming healthy gums, promoting natural healing and tissue regeneration with minimal discomfort.
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  • What are the benefits of choosing PerioLase®?

    PerioLase® offers several benefits, including reduced discomfort, faster healing times, and improved gum health. Its precision allows for targeted treatment, preserving more of your natural tissue and promoting regeneration of the gums, leading to better long-term outcomes for your oral health.
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  • How does PerioLase® differ from traditional gum surgery?

    Unlike traditional gum surgery, PerioLase® is minimally invasive, meaning it doesn't require cutting or stitches. This leads to less pain, swelling, and bleeding, as well as a faster recovery time, making it a preferred choice for many patients.
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  • How long does a PerioLase® treatment take?

    The duration of a PerioLase® treatment varies depending on the extent of the periodontal disease. However, many treatments can be completed in just one or two sessions, with each session lasting about an hour. Your dentist will provide a more accurate timeline based on your specific needs.
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  • Is PerioLase® treatment painful?

    Most patients report feeling minimal discomfort during and after PerioLase® treatment. The procedure is designed to be as gentle as possible, with many finding it more comfortable than conventional treatments. Any mild sensations experienced are typically well-managed with local anesthesia.
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  • Who is a good candidate for PerioLase®?

    PerioLase® is ideal for patients with moderate to severe periodontal disease looking for a less invasive alternative to traditional surgery. It's suitable for those seeking a treatment with a quicker recovery and less discomfort. A consultation with your dentist can determine if it's the right option for you.
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