Gum Disease Treatment

Experienced dental treatment including crown lengthening, and pocket irrigation to correct potential damage.

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Image Dental offers periodontal disease treatment options. Scheduling an appointment today for a consultation is the best thing you can do to avoid future oral health problems. Call us at (209) 955-1500 today.

Periodontal Disease Treatment in Stockton, CA

Our periodontal disease treatment ranges from performing crown lengthening procedures to scaling and root planing. With years of experience dealing with different dental and gum problems, Image Dental has been known for repairing and restoring the patient’s teeth with these procedures.

Our treatments include:

Our crown lengthening procedure, for instance, is done to allow patients to have prosthetic tooth placed on their old tooth. This is a common practice when the tooth breaks right at the gum line.

Our dental office also performs both dental scaling and root planing to help prevent gum diseases. Starting with an assessment, we then provide both dental scaling and root planing using both the most modern instruments and standard hand instruments. We eliminate plaque which causes gum problems in the future. For patients that have sensitive gum tissue, we provide local anesthetics during the entire procedure to keep you comfortable during the entire procedure.

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Image Dental is also offering oral irrigation which helps address receding gums that eventually lead towards tooth loss. What pocket irrigation does is to cleanse the plaque in between your teeth, and also under the gum line. Aside from clearing the plaque in these hard to reach areas, we also provide antibacterial solutions in sub-gingival areas to prevent plaque formation. This particular treatment can be done together with regular dental cleaning.

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