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Routine Oral Exams for a Healthier Smile

As the foundation for a healthy smile, routine exams are a must. Dental exams go much further than identifying problems going on right, now.

They can also pinpoint issues that could be on the horizon. While you may think that your teeth and gums are fine, an exam can reveal a deeper problem that you haven’t noticed.

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Dental Implants In Stockton

How Important Are Dental Exams?

Dental Implants In Stockton

You may be wondering if regular checkup exams are essential and if you really should be visiting every six months. The answer is YES! The ADA recommends that everyone should visit the dentist twice a year for exams and cleanings. This is the standard for achieving better overall oral health.

The reason behind visiting every six months is to establish a baseline for your teeth and gums and monitor for any changes. Dental problems can take place within the six months between visits, and catching specific problems earlier can prevent more significant issues, including tooth loss.

Benefits from Routine Examinations

Cavities can quickly become larger, which can contribute to advanced tooth decay. This may require a crown, or if the tooth is too far gone an extraction. If you haven’t been to the dentist in a while, or are looking for a new dentist in the Stockton, CA area, contact us today to schedule your next exam. Some of the advantages of visiting Image Dental for your routine exams include:



Preventing gum disease


Preventing cavities


Preventing tooth loss


Detecting oral cancer


Maintain prior dental work

Why Choose Us for Your Dental Check-Ups?

Dentist Stephen Nozaki

Everyone should have a dentist that they regularly see for exams. At Image Dental, we put your dental health as our number one priority. Our office is pleased to bring the technology of tomorrow to today, to provide the best care to our patients.

What this means for you, is less invasive approaches to acquiring dental x-rays, and an in-depth look at your mouth as a whole. Another tech we have introduced to our office to improve our patients’ experience includes digital x-rays, cone beam, 3D imaging, panoramic x-rays, intraoral cameras, and DIAGNOdent. Our goal in providing the best exams is complemented with our friendly, welcoming office and staff. Dr. Nozaki will take the time to explain any findings during the exam, so then you know exactly what dental concerns need to be addressed.

As the foundation for a healthy smile, routine exams are a must. Exams go much further than identifying problems going on right, now. They can also pinpoint issues that could be on the horizon. While you may think that your teeth and gums are fine, an exam can reveal a deeper problem that you haven’t noticed. We are proud to be your Stockton, CA dental office for exams.

Start Your Journey Towards a Healthy Smile

Oral health starts with exams. One of the features that isn’t talked about much is oral cancer screening. These are done at the same time that the exams are performed. There are no extra steps, but with regular checkups, your dentist can identify cancer sooner. Oral cancer is highly treatable if caught early, but early detection is key. Those that drink alcohol or smoke are at a higher risk of being diagnosed with oral cancer. A screening only takes minutes to complete but can save your life. That in it of itself is worth a trip to the dentist for dental exams every six months.


How often do you need a dental exam?

The ADA recommends that every person should visit the dentist every six months for exams and cleanings. This is not only excellent for your oral health but a great diagnostic tool for finding problems sooner rather than later. While everyone should visit the dentist every six months for cleanings, having an exam done annually is highly recommended.

What's included in a dental check-up?

A routine exam only takes around 30-45 minutes to complete. You will first have digital x-rays performed as well as a panoramic x-ray to get a full view of your teeth and jawbone. The dentist will look over the x-rays, checking for bone deterioration, cavities, broken or chipped teeth, and much more. If anything comes up on the x-ray, Dr. Nozaki will notify you of the findings. He will also create a treatment plan, specific to your needs, based on what he finds on the x-rays and physical exam. Our office uses DIAGNOdent for better analyses of the teeth and to identify weak spots in the teeth that could potentially be a site of tooth decay. This device is perfect for those that have teeth sensitivity.

Traditionally a dentist would use an instrument that looks similar to a pick. This was uncomfortable for many patients. We are proud to use advanced technology in our Stockton office to ensure our patients are comfortable at all times. We strongly believe in pain-free dentistry and providing our patients with the best service we can.

Our comprehensive exams cover everything from cavities to poor alignment of the teeth. During the exam, you will be able to ask any questions you may have. This can include how to better care for your teeth at home, or if you have any dental concerns that may not be health related, such as cosmetic procedures like teeth whitening. At Image Dental, we are here for all your dental needs, from general procedures to those that are cosmetic.

How much does a dental exam cost?

Dental exams are highly affordable. Even if you don’t currently have insurance, they are well worth the out of the pocket expense. For most patients that have insurance, six-month checkups are usually covered 100%. Check with your insurance provider to see what is included if you are a self-pay patient contact our office for pricing.

Undiagnosed dental problems can quickly become larger problems?

Almost everyone is guilty of putting off things they are supposed to do. For adults, finding time to go to the dentist amidst working, caring for the family, and just finding time for ourselves can be a struggle. But avoiding the dentist, or not going as often as you should, could cause more oral health issues than you bargained for.

As part of good oral care habits, visiting the dentist every six months for exams will enable you and Dr. Nozaki to find any smaller dental issues that need to be corrected before they develop into more extensive problems, that require more treatments or procedures to fix.

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