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Stop Tooth Decay in its Tracks by Strengthening Your Enamel!

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Children and Adults Alike Can Benefit from Fluoride Treatment

Here at Image Dental, we offer (and recommend!) fluoride treatments for patients of all ages. These treatments can help to prevent and stop the effects of tooth decay and while fluoride treatments are especially important and beneficial for children, they are great for adult oral health as well.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that can be found in many different places on earth including water, soil and certain types of rocks. Fluoride helps strengthen teeth by binding to the enamel of the tooth to help protect it from softening (decay). Fluoride treatments provide a great fluoride boost. Our teeth can also get fluoride from toothpaste and fluoride rinses.


Fluoride Treatments for Kids

Fluoride binds especially well with tooth enamel during the development of the permanent teeth in childhood. Ensuring that your child visits the dentist on a regular basis for an exam, cleaning and fluoride treatment will best allow for the production of strong enamel. Alongside good oral hygiene, this can create a great preventative foundation for a lifetime of healthy teeth for your child right now.

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Fluoride Treatments for Adults

Fluoride treatments can benefit adults too. Fluoride’s ability to prevent, slow down or stop decay makes it valuable to adult teeth. This is especially true for adults who fall into the “high risk” category for tooth decay. Those who may be high risk include those with existing fillings or present decay, smokers or excessive sugar consumers. Depending on the state of one’s enamel, adults may be recommended fluoride treatments anywhere from every three months to a year. Usually, these treatments are done yearly or alongside routine exams for most adults. Combining office treatments with at-home rinses or gels may be suggested as well.


What Is Involved in the Fluoride Treatment Procedure?

As noted above, fluoride treatments are usually performed following a routine cleaning and exam. During a treatment, fluoride gel is inserted into two trays that slip over the top and bottom rows of your teeth to hold the gel in place. You can rest your mouth comfortably as the treatment sets for several minutes and then it’s finished! This quick and easy procedure can strengthen your teeth with extremely minimal effort. You will be instructed not to eat or drink for 30 minutes following a fluoride treatment for optimal results.

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