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Replacing Your Missing Teeth with Dentures

If you are in need of partial or full dentures, Image Dental will be sure to make the transition as easy and comfortable as possible. The benefits from the change are clear when you see an improvement in speech and appearance as well as eliminating any discomfort you may be experiencing from problematic teeth.

A large chunk of the population over the age of 50 requires either a partial or full denture and according to dental research, that number is growing. At first, dentures may seem like a large step to take, but those in need benefit greatly once the transition has been made. Sometimes patients who have taken even the best care of their teeth find themselves needing some form of oral work as they get older.

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What Are the Different Types of Dentures?

  • Conventional: This full removable denture is made and placed in your mouth after the remaining teeth are removed and tissues have healed, which may take several months.
  • Immediate: This removable denture is inserted on the same day that the remaining teeth are removed. Your dentist will take measurements and make models of your jaw during a preliminary visit. You don’t have to be without teeth during the healing period but may need to have the denture relined or remade after your jaw has healed.
  • Overdenture: Sometimes some of your teeth can be saved to preserve your jawbone and provide stability and support for the denture. An overdenture fits over a small number of remaining natural teeth after they have been prepared by your dentist. Implants can serve the same function, too.

We provide every type of Denture - Overdenture, Partial, Full, and Hybrid


Full Dentures

Full dentures are as they sound–a complete replacement of all-natural teeth. The full set is comprised of artificial teeth that are attached to a gum-colored base. This set of dentures is easily removable and sits on the gums during wear. They are held in place by the creation of a securely suctioned seal between the base and your gums or the roof of the mouth.

The most conservative course of action when getting dentures is to have all teeth removed and then allow a period of healing time to pass before you receive the permanent set. Another option is to have dentures manufactured in advance before removal of the teeth and have them ready to wear at the time of removal. The slight hiccup with this route is that it may take several visits back to the dentist before the fit is just right. As your mouth heals from the loss of teeth, it will change and can create wear issues with your denture until it is fully healed.


Partial Denture

Sometimes there may be a problem in one area of the mouth that does not affect all of the teeth but does require some denture work. In these cases, unaffected natural teeth will stay in place and those removed will be replaced with a partial denture. A partial denture is similar to bridges except that it can be removed. Partial dentures, or simply “partials,” can not only greatly improve your oral appearance but also prevent remaining teeth from shifting due to the necessary removal of neighboring teeth.

Like full dentures, partials are made up of a base and artificial teeth. This type of denture, as it has less of an ability to seal itself into place, also consists of small hooks that go around your existing teeth to help hold it in place.


Implant Dentures

An implant denture is another option. This type of denture is held in place by implant supports that act as anchors for the artificial teeth. These can still be removed for sleeping and cleaning.

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