Crown Lengthening

Discover the power of crown lengthening at Image Dental to unlock a more balanced, beautiful smile. Our expert team utilizes this precise procedure to enhance the appearance and health of your gums and teeth. If you're looking to improve your smile's aesthetic or prepare for further dental work, crown lengthening is your first step towards a stunning transformation.

The benefits of crown lengthening

Discover the advantages

Crown lengthening at Image Dental goes beyond cosmetic appeal; it's a strategic step towards optimal dental health. Our specialists ensure the procedure is tailored to enhance your smile's natural beauty. Discover the multifaceted benefits of crown lengthening and how it can be a game-changer for both your smile and oral health.

  • Enhanced smile aesthetics

    Crown lengthening can dramatically improve the balance and symmetry of your smile, revealing more of your natural teeth.

  • Customized to your needs

    Each procedure is carefully planned to match your unique dental structure and aesthetic goals.

  • Preparation for restorative procedures

    Ideal for preparing your teeth for further treatments like crowns or veneers, ensuring a stronger, lasting fit.

  • Solutions for gummy smiles

    Effectively addresses ‘gummy smiles’ by adjusting the gum line to reveal more of your teeth.

  • Improved gum health

    By reshaping excess gum tissue, the procedure helps in maintaining better gum health.

  • Boosts confidence and self-esteem

    A more proportionate smile not only enhances your appearance but also uplifts your confidence in social and professional settings.

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If you're considering crown lengthening to improve your smile, Image Dental is here to guide you. Our team is dedicated to providing a comfortable, effective experience, ensuring results that not only look great but also support your overall dental health. Contact us to schedule your consultation and take the first step towards a more balanced, beautiful smile.

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The Image Dental Difference

At Image Dental, our approach to crown lengthening combines advanced techniques with personalized care. We focus on delivering results that are both aesthetically pleasing and beneficial for your dental health. Our commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction makes us the preferred choice for those seeking high-quality crown lengthening.

Professional and experienced team

Our dental experts bring years of experience and skill to every crown lengthening procedure.

Personalized treatment plans

We develop treatment plans that are specifically tailored to meet your individual dental and aesthetic needs.

State-of-the-art technology

Utilizing the latest in dental technology ensures precision and comfort during your crown lengthening procedure.

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Ready to take the next step towards a more aesthetically pleasing and functional smile? Crown lengthening at Image Dental is your answer. With our expert team and cutting-edge techniques, we’re ready to help you achieve the smile you've always wanted.

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Have questions about crown lengthening? We've got the answers to help you understand this procedure and its benefits for your smile.
  • What is crown lengthening, and why might I need it?

    Crown lengthening is a dental procedure that reshapes the gum tissue, and sometimes the underlying bone, to expose more of a tooth’s surface. It’s often recommended for aesthetic reasons or to prepare a tooth for a restorative procedure, like a crown or bridge.
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  • How do I care for my teeth after crown lengthening?

    After crown lengthening, it’s important to follow a gentle oral hygiene routine. We will provide specific instructions on how to care for your gums and teeth, including recommended eating habits and cleaning techniques, to ensure a smooth recovery.
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  • How long does the crown lengthening procedure take?

    The duration of crown lengthening varies depending on the complexity and the number of teeth involved. Typically, it can take about an hour. We ensure each step is carried out with precision and care for optimal results.
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  • How soon can I return to normal activities after the procedure?

    Most patients can return to their normal activities within a day or two after crown lengthening. We advise avoiding strenuous activities for a short period to aid the healing process.
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  • Is the crown lengthening process painful?

    We prioritize your comfort during the procedure. Local anesthesia is used to minimize discomfort, and post-procedure, any discomfort is usually mild and manageable with recommended care and medications.
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  • Will crown lengthening change the appearance of my smile?

    Crown lengthening can significantly enhance the appearance of your smile, especially if you have a ‘gummy smile’. By exposing more of your natural tooth, the procedure creates a more balanced and aesthetically pleasing smile.
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