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Improve your overall oral health with services that restore and improve the condition of your teeth.

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General Dentistry in Stockton, CA

Our dental office is known for providing an array of different general dentistry services including filling, dentures and root canal treatments. Here is a list of some of the general dentistry services Image Dental provides:

Known for our conservative approach in dentistry, our dentist in Stockton provides the best treatment solutions that could restore our patient’s teeth and improve their oral health. We provide cosmetic fillings to bring the tooth back to its normal state. We first remove the decayed material and perform professional deep teeth cleaning. From there, we then apply cosmetic fillings to the affected area. This common procedure has helped countless of patients to not allow tooth decay to cause tooth loss.

And for other conditions, we also offer root canal treatment for badly decayed teeth. For this particular procedure, we remove the nerve and pulp and clean the tooth before it is sealed. With this procedure, we prevent abscess and help stop the spread of infection.

We also have the necessary technology to help provide you with the proper diagnosis. We provide safe digital dental x-rays to give patients a clear picture of what’s the state of their dental health. We also provide emergency dental care for patients who experienced having TMJ and similar problems.

And if you are hesitant or have a fear of the dentist because of the discomforts, our dentists are also known for providing the most comfortable sedation methods to our patients. Please fill out the form below to request an appointment with our dentist office if you need general dentistry in Stockton.

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