Bone Grafting

Looking for a dependable solution to strengthen your teeth and jaw? Image Dental offers advanced bone grafting, led by the experienced Dr. Stephen Nozaki. This procedure is key to a healthier, fuller smile, especially if you're considering dental implants. Trust us to enhance your oral health with care and expertise. You're not just getting a procedure; you're stepping towards lifelong dental confidence.

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The benefits of bone grafts

Discover the advantages

Bone grafting at Image Dental is more than a procedure; it's a step towards a better smile. Dr. Nozaki uses this method to strengthen your teeth and jaw. Let's look at how this can help you keep your mouth healthy and your smile looking great.

  • Foundation for implants

    Bone grafting makes a strong base for implants, helping your future dental work stay put and last longer.

  • Keeps your face shape

    It helps keep your jawbone from changing shape, so your face looks natural even after losing teeth.

  • Stops jawbone loss

    This process keeps your jawbone strong, which is really important after you lose teeth.

  • Gets you ready for more dental care

    It prepares your mouth for more treatments if you need them, giving you more choices for your dental health.

  • Boosts oral health

    Bone grafting is good for your overall mouth health, giving support to your teeth and any future dental work.

  • Long-term benefits

    The results of bone grafting last a long time, helping you keep a healthy smile for years.

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Considering bone grafting as your gateway to a better smile? You're on the right track. At Image Dental, our bone grafting service lays the foundation for a healthier, more vibrant smile, especially if you're exploring options like dental implants. Let's make your dental goals a reality. Contact us now to schedule your bone grafting appointment and take a confident step towards the smile you've always wanted.

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Choosing Image Dental means you’re choosing expert care for your teeth. Dr. Nozaki and our team use their skills and the latest technology to make sure you get the best treatment. Find out why our bone grafting service is the right choice for your dental health.

Expert care

Our Oral Surgeons are experts at bone grafting, so you know you’re getting the best treatment for your teeth.

We focus on you

Your comfort and health are what matter most to us. We make sure you feel good about your treatment.

Modern dental technology

We use the newest technology to make sure your bone grafting goes smoothly and effectively.

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Got questions about bone grafting? We’re here with detailed, easy-to-understand answers to help you feel confident about this important dental procedure.
  • What is bone grafting?

    Bone grafting is a specialized dental procedure where we add new bone to areas of your jaw that need it. It's often needed if you're missing teeth or have had gum disease, to prepare your jaw for future dental work like implants, ensuring a stronger foundation for your new teeth.
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  • What is the success rate of bone grafting, and how long do the results last?

    Bone grafting has a high success rate, especially under the skilled care of a professional like Dr. Nozaki. With proper oral hygiene and care, the results of your bone graft can last many years, forming a stable base for future dental work and improving your overall oral health.
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  • How long does the bone grafting process take and what's involved?

    Typically, the bone grafting process takes about one to two hours, depending on your specific needs. The procedure involves placing new bone material into the areas of your jaw that need more bone. It's done under local anesthesia, so you'll be comfortable the whole time.
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  • Is bone grafting suitable for everyone?

    Most people who need dental implants or have significant bone loss in their jaw are good candidates for bone grafting. We’ll conduct a thorough evaluation to determine if it’s the best option for you, considering your overall dental health and specific needs.
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  • Will I experience pain during or after the bone grafting procedure?

    Your comfort is our priority. During the procedure, we use local anesthesia to ensure you don’t feel pain. Afterward, some soreness is normal, but we’ll provide you with care instructions and pain management options to keep you comfortable as you heal.
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  • How should I care for my mouth after a bone grafting procedure?

    After your bone grafting procedure, we’ll give you detailed instructions on how to care for your mouth. This will include advice on eating soft foods, maintaining good oral hygiene, and avoiding certain activities while your mouth heals. Following these guidelines is crucial for the success of the graft and your overall recovery.
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