Root Canal Therapy

A comfortable solution for root problems associated with long-term cavities.

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Image Dental Offers Gentle and Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment

Our teeth are more complicated than they may seem and it is important that we keep all the parts of each tooth healthy–not just the outsides. The special area of dentistry that concerns the insides and roots of the teeth is called endodontics. Image Dental is here to help with the gentlest of care if you have pulp or root concerns.

What Is Dental Pulp?

Inside each tooth lies the dental pulp which is encased by a protective layer called the dentin. The pulp runs from the center of the tooth, down through the roots and into the gums. The pulp itself consists of nerve cells and connective tissues. Pulp nourishes the tooth from the inside out and helps keep it moist. If you are developing root problems, you may already be aware as pain is a common indicator of pulp damage.

What Problems Require a Root Canal?

Tooth root problems happen most often as a result of infection reaching the pulp inside the tooth, as when a cavity is left unchecked for too long. As mentioned above, you may become aware of root problems even without going to the dentist as they can often cause pain. However, pain is not always present in the tooth and routine dental exams can help ensure that problems never reach the insides of your teeth. If you do suspect a root concern, making an appointment as soon as possible is advised to avoid unnecessary pain or loss of a tooth.

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How Does My Dentist Fix Root or Pulp Concerns?

Root Canal Procedure Process

If the dental pulp has become infected or otherwise damaged, endodontic therapy may be a solution to save you from a tooth extraction. Endodontic therapy, best known as a “root canal,” involves the removal of the infected pulp from the inside of the tooth. Once it is removed, the pulp cavity will be filled by Dr. Nozaki to avoid any further problems in that area. A crown may be put on the tooth for added protection.


Are There Any Expected Complications with Root Canals?

With root canals, it is usually unlikely to experience another problem in the same tooth. However, it can occur and if it does, your dentist will need to repeat the cleaning process. The crown and filling need to be removed before the tooth can be cleaned again and re-filled. This procedure is known as “endodontic re-treatment.”


Are There Other Endodontic Solutions?

If endodontic retreatment does not fix the problem or cannot be done, there are a couple of types of root-related surgical options that can be performed to keep the problem from coming back. An apicoectomy one of the most common surgical options and involves the removal of the root tips. This is performed by going through the gums to get to the roots of the tooth. Intentional replantation is another surgical option that is similar to a root canal but here, the tooth is completely removed before being cleaned and secured back into place.

These two types of surgery are not an exhaustive list of solutions but other routes are much less common and can be introduced to you in the event that they are needed.

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