Same-Day Crowns

Our CEREC® computer-aided system allows the patient to receive a custom,
natural looking, & long-lasting crown in a few hours.

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The Benefits from Using CEREC® Technology for One-Visit Crowns

Image Dental is proud to offer same day crown treatment. We are one of the few dental offices in the Stockton area that utilizes CEREC® technology! To find out more you can also request an appointment online today.

Dr. Nozaki is certified to use the new CEREC® crown restoration system. This technology is the latest in crowns-in-a-day procedures. The CEREC® computer-aided system allows the patient to receive a custom, natural looking, & long lasting crown in a few hours.

What Is a Crown?

Crowns are ceramic restorations that encase your natural tooth. Crowns can be used for both cosmetic and functional improvements. Teeth can be badly chipped, discolored, broken, lost or decayed to the extent that chewing and speaking can be affected. Pain and discomfort can also be experienced in these situations. Teeth that fall into any of these problematic categories can cause issues for your gums, surrounding bones, and even your overall health. Furthermore, missing or badly decayed teeth can cause appearance concerns. These complications can be greatly improved or corrected by the application of a crown on the problematic tooth (or teeth). Crowns are very effective when rebuilding a tooth after a root canal, covering a dental implant, & providing support for bridgework.

Crowns are adhered to the natural tooth and cover the entire visible area (front, bite surface, and back) down to the gum line. When your new crown is being applied, the affected area will be numbed before the dentist cements it securely–and permanently–in place.

Crowns will not only improve your oral appearance but will also protect surrounding teeth and gums from potential damage. When one tooth is problematic, it will often cause issues for other teeth as well as the rest of your mouth–especially if the problem continues to worsen.

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What Is Same-Day CEREC® Technology?

In the past, the aOne Visit Crowns - Milling Machine our Stockton labpplication of a crown would take at least two visits to the dentist. However, we are happy to offer our patients same-day crowns via the greatest in CEREC® technology. CEREC® is short for “ceramic restoration.” It is the use of computer software to create individualized crowns that will fit perfectly and look amazing!

Dr. Nozaki will take photographic impressions of your tooth (or teeth) as well as your bite with a special oral camera. With these images, the CEREC® software is able to reconstruct an ideal 3D model of the tooth. An additional machine produces the crown based on the information gathered. You are able to have your new crown secured permanently in place before you leave–in one visit!

Not only is this technology convenient for our patients but it is also more accurate than traditional crown construction. Using the camera, CEREC® software, and Dr. Nozaki’s expertise, you will receive a gorgeous restoration that fits right, feels right, and looks fantastic.


How Do I Care for a Crown?

Once your crown is permanently in place, you care for it as you would a natural tooth. Normal brushing, flossing, and use of mouthwash will keep your crown healthy for years to come. Maintaining good oral hygiene is necessary because while a crown does protect your natural tooth underneath, it does not completely prevent the tooth from the possibility of further decay or your gums from disease.

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