Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Be Concerned About Your Dental Implant Procedure

A great smile is not something everyone has, but for those who can afford it, the problem is something that can easily be fixed with a dental implant procedure. The one thing many people have said about dental implants is that they have a very natural…

A great smile is not something everyone has, but for those who can afford it, the problem is something that can easily be fixed with a dental implant procedure. The one thing many people have said about dental implants is that they have a very natural appearance and that they last for quite some time. This is the ideal situation because when undergoing any oral surgery, you will want the end result to be pleasing, but also something that will last, so the chances of you having to have the procedure repeated are very slim.

Before moving forward with getting dental implants, people may not be very enthusiastic because they will have to have surgery in order to get the implants. While some people don’t feel as though surgery is serious, no matter how complicated or simple the procedure, others may struggle with the fact that choosing dental implants means they have to get surgery. Dental implant surgery may seem scary, but when people realize that there are many reasons to not be nervous and that they will have a great smile afterward, they may not feel the need to ponder if dental implants are the best option for them.

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Here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t be concerned about your dental implant procedure.

A surgical guide is created prior to the procedure

Even though implant surgery is often considered a minor procedure, there is still a lot of planning that goes into it. You are coming to your dentist because you want a better smile, and that will take planning if it is to be successfully completed. They will need to determine where incisions will be placed, where the implant will be held, and more. Depending on the circumstances, doctors even use CT imagingdigital x-rays, and other tools to aid them in creating the perfect surgical guide. This may not sound as if the procedure is minor because the amount of planning that goes into it, but this actually benefits the patients because, with a plan of attack, they will know for sure that doctors are prepared and will not fail.

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Doctors use local anesthesia

Stronger forms of anesthesia are often saved for surgeries that are a bit more complex than dental implants, such as transplants, amputations, and other surgeries that could be more urgent. For this procedure, doctors can actually use local anesthesia to numb the implant site and the tissue that is surrounding it. Yes, this means you will be conscious during the surgery, but this is a good thing because if there were really any huge risks, you wouldn’t be able to be awake during the procedure. Nevertheless, people may still feel anxious or uncomfortable about having to be awake while the implants are being inserted. In that case, doctors can give you anti-anxiety medication or a sedative that will keep you at ease and make the surgery seem less daunting.

Little to no pain or discomfort

Oftentimes, when people are concerned about surgery, they are fearful because of the pain and discomfort they could potentially experience once the surgery is complete. Thanks to great planning and implementation, when someone has dental implant surgery, little to no pain or discomfort is experienced. Just in case there is, it is common for people to receive pain relievers after surgery. So, when getting dental implants, people can assume that it will be no different. Depending on the case, there is a chance that they will need pain relievers that are a bit stronger than those that are usually prescribed. Either way, the pain will be minimal and the implant should heal fairly quickly, leaving you with a great smile that is fully functional.

Regardless of how simple or complicated a surgical procedure is, many people still find themselves feeling nervous or concerned about all of the things that could go wrong. Should this happen, the doctors and other medical staff will likely do what they can to assure them that they will be fine and that there is nothing to worry about. It may not be major surgery, but when people are considering getting dental implants, if they find that they are nervous or feeling a bit uneasy, they should remember to look at the facts, so they have a better understanding of how safe the procedure is and that they will be in good hands. Even if people aren’t necessarily thrilled with the surgery, they will be thrilled with the results and truly enjoy being able to show off their new, beautiful smile.

Stephen Nozaki, DDS, MPH, DIDIA

Dr. Stephen Nozaki is the owner and lead dentist at Image Dental in Stockton. He is a dedicated professional born and raised in California's Central Valley. With a commitment to his community, he brings advanced dental techniques learned from extensive education and continuous training from around the world. A third-generation Japanese American, Dr. Nozaki has a rich background that includes international living and a deep passion for both dentistry and outdoor activities. His focus in dentistry aligns with his passion for cosmetics and dental implants.