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Preventive Dentistry

Please call (209) 955-1500 if you have any concerns or questions about how you can prevent tooth decay with our preventive dentistry services! You can request an appointment online as well.


Preventive Dentistry In Stockton, CA

At Image Dental, we believe that prevention is better than cure. For those patients, who plan on preventing cavities, and ensuring their overall oral health, our team of dentists provides preventive dentistry services that can help you address your needs. Some of our preventive dentistry services typically include:


We provide complete dental exams to determine potential problems and issues that could be solved as early as possible. We then educate & give you an honest assessment on what you can expect, and what interventions could be done in order to address the issues.

We also provide fluoride treatment that helps the teeth to regain lost minerals from plaque and acid that took out the enamel of your teeth. With fluoride intervention, we prevent tooth decay by making the teeth more resistant to an acidic environment, sugar and plaque which are commonly found in our mouth.

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