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How you can brighten your smile with non-invasive whitening options.

Image Dental can whiten your teeth and bring back your beautiful smile.

So many of our patients ask about options for whitening their teeth. We are very happy to offer Opalescence teeth whitening as one of our cosmetic dentistry services. Opalescence is a tailored whitening system that can be done at home or in-office. Dr. Nozaki will ask you which you prefer and can go over which may be best for you during your visit.

There are some great benefits with the Opalescence system since it’s not only tailored to you and your cosmetic dentistry needs but is administered by your dentist so you know you’re getting a quality solution that works well.



How does teeth whitening with Opalescence work?


All of the opalescence gel formulas contains hydrogen peroxide that works to break up and remove surface stains as well as stains that form in the tiny, microscopic cracks under the enamel of the teeth. Combined with oxygen, the peroxide is able to break up the stains that cause discoloration of the teeth down to the microscopic level.




Which whitening formula is right for me?


There are two at-home systems that work well and are also incredibly convenient. To be used during the day or at night, either at-home system is a great choice. The “Ready-to-Go” option offers pre-filled, disposable trays that can be used at your convenience. These trays come in either 6% or 15% concentrations of hydrogen peroxide in peach, melon or mint flavors.


The second take-home system is more customizable and created just for you by Dr. Nozaki. These trays will consist of a tailor-made concentration of hydrogen peroxide in your choice of mint, melon or regular flavors.


Finally, there is the in-office option for the most dramatic results from the highest concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Our dentist, Stephen Nozaki will apply the solution with a gentle, brush-tipped device and you will see the results on the same day, in less than one hour.




Benefits of using the Opalescence teeth whitening system


In addition to the dramatic and customizable results from using the Opalescence system, there are other benefits as well. This flexible system is tailored directly to your individualized needs and since it is administered or prescribed by your dentist, you can rest assured that it will be safe to use. The gel does not cause pain or harm to the soft tissues of the mouth. You can choose to use the system at home night or day (or in-office, of course). The convenience and flexibility of this dentist-prescribed system are huge bonuses for many users. Plus, you can feel confident in the results as shade relapse (or relapse of stains) is less likely with Opalescence.


Opalescence is not only safe to use, it can actually make your teeth healthier. With added potassium nitrate to reduce sensitivity and fluoride to strengthen enamel, you can breathe easy knowing that you’re not harming your teeth as you whiten them.




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