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Invisalign® for Adults from Image Dental in Stockton!

Invisalign® has quickly become the most popular way for patients to get the gorgeous smiles that they have always desired, free from alignment and bite issues.

Far different from traditional metal braces, Invisalign® for adults is virtually undetectable, removable, and more comfortable.

Image Dental Is Your Preferred Invisalign® Provider

Having a beautiful smile is something almost all of our patients desire. It is truly our goal to give them a smile they can be happy with and thrilled to show off. No matter if you are at a party, or a job interview, having the confidence you want starts with a healthy, gorgeous smile. One of our specialties is cosmetic dentistry, which allows us to correct the appearance of your teeth, including alignments issues. With Invisalign® for adults, we can fix imperfections caused by misaligned teeth including gaps, overbites, cross bites and crookedness.

Image Dental is at the forefront of the dental field. We offer a range of solutions that utilize the latest equipment in the industry in our office. Invisalign® is the newest innovation for fixing bad bites and is just one more way that we put our patient’s first. We get the greatest joy from seeing our patients achieve the smile they have always wanted, and by offering the best treatment options available, we are able to deliver amazing results.

If you are ready to take the next step in your journey to straighter pearly whites, contact our office today at (209) 955-1500. You may also request an appointment online, anytime.

Adult Holding Invisalign® Aligner

Is Invisalign® for Adults Right for You?

Benefits Of Invisalign® For Adults

You may have lived with alignment problems a significant portion of your life, but that doesn’t mean that you have to continue disliking your smile. There is never a wrong time, to be fitted for aligners to correct these issues with your teeth, and there are many reasons to consider Invisalign® for adults. With Invisalign®, patients can expect these excellent benefits over traditional braces.

  • More comfortable.
  • Virtually invisible- No one needs to know you are having dental work done.
  • Removable.
  • You can continue daily habits with ease including brushing and flossing.
  • Aligners can be used after treatment time to maintain results.
  • Enjoy the foods you’d like, merely remove aligners before eating.

Invisalign® for adults works for almost every patient. Unlike metal braces that need to be adjusted, which can be uncomfortable, every two weeks you will get a new aligner to keep progress moving. Most patients will start to notice a difference after only 3-4 months after beginning Invisalign®.One of the most enjoyable aspects of having Invisalign® is being able to take them out as needed. While you will need to wear them a majority of the day, recommended 22 hours, you can remove to brush, floss, and eat. This type of flexibility allows the wearer to care for their natural teeth better than metal braces.

What to Expect from Invisalign® for Adults

Dentist Stephen Nozaki

Getting started with Invisalign® is simple. You will need a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Stephen Nozaki to develop an individualized treatment plan, including how long you may need to wear the aligners. We will go over the cost, foods to avoid, and many other essential features about life with Invisalign®.

We recommend keeping your aligners in for most of the day for faster results. The more you take them out, the longer the treatment will take. However, you can remove them to do daily activities such as brushing, flossing, or eating tough foods. You can eat with the aligners in, but tougher or chewier food could damage the dental appliance.

Learn to Smile More Without Having Metal Braces

For most adults, the thought of wearing metal braces is enough to detour them from talking to their dentist about options to correct misaligned teeth. Metal braces have long been considered something that teens are fitted with to fix their smiles, not adults. But as an adult, the desire to have a straighter smile doesn’t go away. However, the idea of having metal braces isn’t ideal.

With the revolutionary Invisalign® aligners, you can get the same service of fixing alignments without the hassle of wearing braces. But Invisalign® for Adults can have one downside. The treatment time is slightly longer with aligners versus traditional metal braces. While this may seem unpleasant, the trade-offs of having a more comfortable device, that is removable typically outweigh the extended treatment time. The expected treatment time for Invisalign® for adults is around 12 months but will vary on a patient by patient case.

Give Your Confidence a Boost with Invisalign®!

Given that almost every adult has some imperfections with their teeth including bad bites, it’s only natural to want a smile as seen on television or in magazines. With Invisalign® for adults in Stockton, we can improve your smile significantly. How does this help with confidence?

What is the first thing a person notices about another individual upon meeting? Their smile! If you are aware of your teeth, as most are, gaps and bite problems can make you feel self-conscious. While there have been ways to straighten smiles for decades, Invisalign® has completely changed the way adults can achieve the smiles they have always wanted. There is no more uncomfortable brackets or bands, just a simple aligner that you can remove when needed.

What Image Dental Can Do for You!

We know choosing a dentist can be difficult at times, especially when it comes to services that are meant to improve or enhance the appearance of your smile. As one of the skilled dentists in the Stockton, CA area, Stephen Nozaki works with patients daily for enhancing and restoring their smiles. We are confident that once your Invisalign® for Adults treatment is over, you will love the results. Having straighter teeth is just the beginning to a whole new life, filled with confidence to take on the world.

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Invisalign® from Image Dental in Stockton Is the Perfect Solution!

AHave you been putting off fixing a gap in your smile, or a crooked tooth out of not wanting to wear metal braces? Now is the time to visit Image Dental for the best way to get a beautifully straight smile with Invisalign® for Adults! As your cosmetic dentist in Stockton, CA we are confident you will love the results, and be proud to show off your new smile, to just about everyone you meet. Stop putting off getting the smile you deserve. Contact us today for a consultation with our dentist, Dr. Stephen Nozaki. We make it easy to book your appointment.

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