Top Reasons Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction

Top Reasons Why You May Need a Tooth Extraction

Do you have tooth pain, difficulty chewing or talking, a reluctance to smile or eat in public, or an inability to sleep due to discomfort? You might need a tooth extraction. Read on to learn some of the reasons for this procedure.

Do you have a tooth with a bad crack? Or do you have a tooth that’s impacted or has severe decay? While a dentist’s first goal is usually to save a problematic tooth, sometimes that’s not possible. When a tooth can’t be rescued, this is where a tooth extraction comes in.

At Image Dental in Stockton, California, our team provides general dentistry services, including tooth extractions. In this blog, we explain some of the common reasons for tooth extractions.

Top reasons for a tooth extraction

There are many reasons you might need to have a tooth extracted. The most common ones include:

A broken or fractured tooth

You can break a tooth in an accident or from biting down on something hard. In some cases, decay can weaken a tooth, and it can crack. If the tooth can’t be repaired, extraction may be your only option.

Periodontal disease

Advanced gum disease can lead to tooth loss, as bone in the jaw dissolves and the roots of your teeth don’t have anything to anchor them. If a tooth can’t be stabilized, it might have to be extracted. Then, your jawbone can be rebuilt with grafts, and a dental implant can be fabricated. You could also get dentures.

Invasive tooth decay 

In some cases, tooth decay can be so invasive that there isn’t enough tooth left to support a restoration once the decay is removed. By extracting your tooth, your dentist can restore your smile by giving you a bridge or dental implant.

Failed root canal

If you’ve ever had an infection that required a root canal, you know how painful the infection can be. In many cases, a root canal can save a tooth. But, if that fails and the pain returns, an extraction will likely be your best next step.

Impacted teeth

An impacted wisdom tooth can cause intense pain, and it can also damage the tooth next to it because of the lack of space in the jaw. Furthermore, a tooth can come in at a wrong angle and push other teeth out of alignment, or a tooth may not come in at all. An extraction can resolve the issue and allow your provider to align your bite and restore your smile. 

We make extractions as easy as possible. We give you a thorough evaluation and discuss exactly what we need to do. Then we provide sedation and remove your tooth. We also give you detailed aftercare instructions and explain your choices for restorative options, so you can get your smile back.

If you think you may need an extraction, or if you have any other dental needs, call 209-392-5688 or book an appointment online with Image Dental today.