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Welcome to Image Dental!

Dr. Stephen Nozaki, DDS would like to welcome you to Image Dental, located in Lodi in California’s northern Central Valley. Our friendly, caring staff is ready to help with all of your dental needs! From big to small, from routine cleanings and exams to oral surgery, Image Dental has you covered no matter what.

If you are a new patient looking for oral health services, look no further than Dr. Nozaki and his amazing staff. We meet our patients’ needs with a gentle touch and expert care. Feel free to browse our Yelp and Facebook reviews from current patients to see what they have to say! Our patients leave our office feeling better and smiling brighter.

Meet Dr. Stephen Nozaki, DDS

Dr. Nozaki offers a gold star standard in oral health care. His expertise spans a wide range of dental services and he specializes in crowns and dental implants. Dr. Nozaki studied at California State University as well as Loma Linda University in southern California. His active memberships in a variety of dental organizations such as the American Dental Association (ADA), the California Dental Association (CDA) and the San Joaquin Dental Society of San Joaquin County keep him on top of the very latest and greatest in Dental education, technique, and technology. Dr. Nozaki is a dentist you can trust to always bring the best to his patients in terms of both medical skill as well as cutting edge dental technology and treatment.

In his spare time, Dr. Nozaki enjoys spending time outdoors, playing sports, and having fun with friends and family.

Whatever Your Needs, We Will Take Care of You!

Here at Image Dental, we offer a full range of oral health services for the entire family. Regular exams, cleanings, and digital x-rays can ensure that we always stay on top of your oral health and keep your natural smile looking and feeling great. And when our patients need extra services, we provide excellent, thorough treatment and care–no matter the issue!

We want to make sure that your time with us is anxiety-free. Dental procedures do not have to be worrisome or cause discomfort. We take every possible step we can to ensure that our patients are at ease in knowing that we will put their comfort first. We want to always make sure patients know what to expect when they come to us. Regardless of age, you are in the gentlest of care at Image Dental. Dr. Nozaki strives to give every patient a positive experience with successful results!

With a combination of Dr. Nozaki’s expert skill and some of the best advancements in modern dentistry, we know Image Dental can offer you the best experience possible. We want to give your teeth, gums, and mouth a lifetime of great health and everyone loves a brighter, whiter smile! Take advantage of what today’s dental technology can do. Our patients truly enjoy the benefits of a positive, comfortable experience along with more accurate, precise examinations and treatments.

Take a look at some of what we have to offer…

General Dental Services
Along with meticulous cleanings and exams by Dr. Nozaki, digital x-rays are an incredibly useful tool in staying on top of your oral health. With advancements in how your dentist x-rays your teeth, we are able to catch the smallest of concerns immediately. Traditional x-rays were easily blurred and often missed smaller details. Digital x-rays allow Dr. Nozaki to keep the absolute closest eye on your teeth–down to the smallest nooks, crannies, and spaces! There is no where for decay to hide. Together, we will stay on top of your oral health and avoid potential future issues with your gums, teeth, and mouth.

Cosmetic Dental Services
Cosmetic dental services are regularly needed and requested by patients. Image Dental is happy to offer a number of different procedures to whiten or otherwise boost the appearance and/or functionality of your teeth. Whitening, crowns, bridges, and orthodontic braces are just a few of our cosmetic services that leave our patients feeling and looking fantastic.

Crowns, one of Dr. Nozaki’s specialties, can be fitted, produced, and applied in just one visit! Same-day crowns with CEREC technology are a revolutionary dental advancement. Patients love the convenience of one-visit results! Crowns can fix a great deal of cosmetic dental concerns and give you an absolutely beautiful smile!

Oral Surgery
Your dentist, of course, always hopes to avoid the need for surgical treatments. However, when necessary, know that you are in caring, expert hands at Image Dental. We offer surgical procedures in the event of major tooth or bone loss and for tooth extractions. Wisdom tooth extraction is one example that is necessary for many patients.

Facing oral surgery can be intimidating for anyone. We know the importance of a gentle approach and we keep our patients’ ease and comfort at the forefront of any procedure. Optimal treatment also extends to aftercare and we are always sure to educate our patients about what to do at home following any surgery. We believe that open communication is so important and we are always ready to explain, help, and provide answers when you have questions.

Make an Appointment Today!
Call us today to schedule an exam or cleaning. We know you are busy and we are ready to accommodate your scheduling needs the best we can. Your comfort and ease is so important to us so please always let us know if you have any questions or concerns about a future visit. We accept all PPO insurance policies and are happy to discuss options with uninsured patients to set up a payment plan that fits.

We want to change the way you think about going to the dentist! Request an appointment now through our website or call us at (209) 955-1500.

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