LANAP® Laser Dentistry

Laser-Assisted Regeneration offers a surgical solution for eliminating periodontal disease without cutting your gums.

Image Dental Offers Less Invasive Laser Gum Surgery in Stockton

Periodontal disease can wreak havoc on a person’s smile. It is one of the most common issues we see in our Stockton office. Traditional treatment for advanced periodontal disease involves cutting, flapping open, and suturing the gums… but not anymore.

At Image Dental, we are pleased to offer the innovative approach to eliminating gum disease, rebuilding bone and gum tissue with the LANAP® protocol.

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Why Choose Our Dental Office for LANAP®?

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It is our commitment to our patients and using the latest technology in the industry that makes us the leading choice in Stockton, CA, for dentistry solutions. With the use of LANAP® in office, we can not only solve periodontal disease but also help to regenerate bone and gum tissue that has been lost.

We want patients to be as comfortable as possible both during the procedure and as they heal at home. The LANAP® protocol carries on our commitment to give patients more comfortable procedures. What makes the LANAP® protocol an excellent choice is that it eliminates the need for traditional gum surgery. This was often painful for patients, and the healing process was much longer. We are proud to offer advanced laser surgery alternatives to patients to help them get the results they desire.

Is LANAP® Better Than Traditional Periodontal Treatments

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If you have ever had gum surgery, as part of a treatment for advanced periodontal disease, then you know the operation isn’t comfortable. For the traditional method, your dentist will need to cut open the gum, exposing the decayed tissue, remove it, and then suture the wound closed.LANAP® has radically changed how dentists treat gum disease and help heal and regenerate bone and gum tissue. With laser treatment, there is no cutting. There is no sewing up wounds — just effective treatment to eliminating decayed tissue to spark healing and regrowth.

A primary differentiation of LANAP® versus the traditional surgical method is what tissue is eliminated during the process. In classic periodontal surgery, your dentist will do their best to get rid of just the decayed tissue; however, this is nearly impossible to achieve. The healthy gum tissue will also be subjected to the surgical procedure, and often, some are removed. With the LANAP® protocol, only the decayed tissue is targeted for removal.

Gum disease is classified according to how deep the pockets are. The deeper the pockets, the more severe the problem and also the potential for bone loss. Healthy gums have pockets that range from 1-3mm. Once the pockets reach 4mm, the early damage of gingivitis is now noticeable and present. If the pockets reach 5mm or above periodontal disease is likely the problem, and bone loss can rapidly progress. In typical situations, patients that reach 7mm or above would have had to have traditional surgical procedures to correct. Surgery means a painful procedure with longer healing time.

Patient Benefits

✔️ Less pain

✔️ Less bleeding

✔️ Less post-op infections

✔️ Less sensitivity

✔️ Less gum loss

✔️ Promotes regeneration of supporting gum tissues

✔️ Less swelling

✔️ Very little downtime after treatment

✔️ Healing is perceived to be    faster and more comfortable than conventional surgery

Tired of Painful Gums and Tissue Loss?

Gingivitis and advanced periodontal disease can often be very painful for patients. When brushing the gums can become inflamed, tender, and bleed.

These indications can often be scary and deter a patient from caring for their teeth and gums. Image Dental is pleased to offer a revolutionary treatment to get rid of inflammation, protecting bone and gum from further tissue loss with LANAP®.

Get the smile you want without going under the knife or having longer recovery times. Contact us today for a consultation.

A New Beginning to a Healthier Smile

Imagine being able to brush your teeth or eat foods without having discomfort. Or imagine not having to worry about tooth loss due to the gums separating from the teeth and allowing tooth decay to progress.

Treating diseased tissue with LANAP® can get you healthy teeth and gums you’ve been wanting. Not only is this a more effective treatment, but it is more affordable, with less discomfort too. There is no reason to let gum disease ruin your smile.

Speak to our highly skilled dentist, Dr. Nozaki, today, to learn if LANAP® is right for you.

Our Promise

We strongly believe in giving patients the best care possible. With the LANAP®, we have eliminated much of the discomfort associated with treating gum disease and tissue regeneration therapy. Not only is laser treatment more effective with minimal discomfort, but it is also a more affordable solution! Most insurance companies will cover laser therapy as part of a treatment for periodontal disease. We guarantee fantastic results and faster recovery time with our LANAP® service.


Does LANAP® regenerate bone?

LANAP® is the only FDA cleared laser surgery proven to help regenerate bone and gum tissue. The LANAP® protocol is cutting edge that can assist patients with building bone tissue for dental implants or restore the look of their facial features that have changed due to bone loss.

Is LANAP® surgery painful?

The great thing about LANAP® is it only has minor discomfort associated with the treatment. When compared to traditional gum surgery, patients have expressed a preference with laser treatment due to it being more comfortable. There are no cuts and sutures, which also make recovery much easier as well.

Is LANAP® surgery covered by dental insurance?

Many insurance companies cover LANAP®. However, this will vary based on a patient’s plan. You or our office can double-check if the procedure is covered before beginning treatment. If your insurance covers periodontal disease, there is a strong possibility they will cover LANAP®.

Does LANAP® cure gum disease?

LANAP® is highly effective at removing gum disease. Because the laser targets the diseased tissue, not the healthy tissue, it is more precise at eliminating the inflammation to reduce the occurrence of periodontal disease. The laser therapy will also help to slow or stop attachment loss and decrease the pocket depth.

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Get the Healthier Smile You Deserve Today!

Don’t delay treatment for gum disease. Each day periodontal disease is allowed to remain, the more damage it can do to your bone and gum tissue, and possibly lead to tooth loss.

We proudly offer LANAP® in-office as the perfect solution you’ve been looking for. With laser therapy, there is no more cutting into the gums, caring for sutures after, just amazing results, with faster recovery time.

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