Digital X-Rays

No need for retakes! Get faster imaging and diagnosis of oral health concerns.

At Image Dental, we use digital radiography to obtain our dental x-rays immediately on the doctor’s computer. Digital x-rays offer a number of benefits that differ from their older, film counterparts. We’re happy to explain these benefits to you below so you know you are getting the absolute best in dental care.
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Why are dental x-rays needed?

If you’ve ever been to the dentist, you’ve likely had x-rays taken. X-rays are taken by dentists to diagnose a whole range of different oral issues that cannot be known by simply taking a quick look inside your mouth. X-rays allow your dentist to see into the teeth and through the bones that hold your teeth in place. So many oral concerns can be spotted with the use of x-rays: from very small cavities between teeth to cysts or other abnormalities in the gums and many other things in between.

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What are the benefits of digital x-rays?

There are quite a few benefits to using digital x-rays over traditional film x-rays. One difference is the improvement in viewing experience as seen by your dentist. With digital x-rays, Dr. Nozaki can enlarge the x-rays as needed as he examines the results. This cannot be done with film x-rays which have to be pictured as is. The doctor is then able to keep an eye on the emergence of even the smallest of concerns. Digital x-rays are able to use color contrast which also aids in viewing and assessing problem areas. With this kind of close eye on the details, you and your dentist are aware of small problems before they become larger concerns.
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Another great benefit of using digital radiography in your dental healthcare is that your exposure to radiation is decreased as compared to film x-rays. The digital process itself requires less radiation to do the same job. Also, your exposure is also reduced by almost never needing to re-take an x-ray due to blurring or other errors. The digital image is able to correct itself when transferred to the computer if blurring has occurred. Receiving x-rays, in general, is a pretty safe procedure as radiation is low, but of course, less radiation is always better.

Once the digital x-rays are obtained, it is easy for your dentist to save them on file, print them as needed or send them out to insurance agencies to speed up claim processing. Plus, digital x-rays are better for the environment by eliminating unnecessary waste from film and processing chemicals!

How are digital x-rays taken?

Digital x-rays are taken in the same way film x-rays are taken except that the dentist or hygienist is able to see what exactly is going to be captured beforehand with the use of the appropriate computer software. There will also be indicators that allow the user to be sure that all of the equipment is lined up right where it needs to be.

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