A  mouthwatering guide to Stockton’s best restaurants

To all the foodies out there, boy do we have a treat for you today? Every part of the country has it’s own special slice of fine food, from Po’ boys in the South to Clam chowder in New England, The USA is rich with culinary delights, and Stockton is no exception. Tuck in your bib, and ready your stomach and your taste buds for a delightful collection of Stockton’s best restaurants. Whether you’re a ribs kind of person, a steak lover or if you’re hankering for some divine pizza we have you covered.


Smitty’s Wings & Things

If you are hungry we can guarantee you won’t be after paying a visit to Smitty’s Wings and Things. With a gigantic selection of Wings, Pizza and a whole host of other sizeable “Things” as the name implies, you will be spoilt for choice here. Enjoy a fresh, piping hot plate of wings, accompanied with a fine selection of sauce such as Spicey BBQ, Mango Chipotle Habanero and Honey BBQ. If that doesn’t satisfy your desires then grab a tasty slice of fresh pizza, with a deliciously crispy crust and a soft chewy texture in the middle, covered in thick, stringy cheese. The warm and friendly staff will do a great job of making you feel comfortable and at home. So the next time you feel your tummy rumble, you know the place the to go! View Map

Market Tavern

Entrance for Market Tavern, Stockton

Market Tavern, Stockton

An excellent choice for a sophisticated evening or a romantic date, Market Tavern is by far one of the classiest joints in town. From Quinoa Salade to Bacon and Kale Pizza, Market Tavern provides an enchanting experience for food lovers with a refined palate. Take the evening off and pull up a chair in this spacious and ambient restaurant to enjoy some of the most exquisite food that Stockton has to offer. Why not start your meal with an appetising plate of Devilish Eggs with Bacon and Jalapeno Peppers, followed by a bowl of house-made noodles and a warm fudge brownie for dessert. Make sure you save room for some fine craft beers or well-mixed cocktails to help wash it down!  View Map

Prime Table

A drink at Prime Table, Stockton

A drink at Prime Table, Stockton

Our ultimate restaurant is another one for all of you with an educated palate out there. Prime Table is by far one of the bests spots in town to treat yourself to a delectable steak and smooth wine. Fantastic for a date, whether it is your first or your 5oth anniversary, the staff will treat you well and the food will treat your taste buds even better. Truly an irresistible night out for any date, especially if your partner is a lover if steak. View Map


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