3D Printing

The future of dentistry is here.

3d Printing Services Available at Image Dental in Stockton, Ca!

The latest technology to hit the dental world is now available at Image Dental!

3D printing offers versatility, speed, and better quality restorations than ever before. We use 3D printing for creating temporary bridges & crowns. However, permanent solutions for dentures & nightgaurds are available now, as well as guided oral surgery.

The limits of 3D printing in dentistry are endless and have only just begun. In the future, 3d printing may offer a permanent solution to restorations such as crowns & bridges.

Why Choose Us for Cosmetic Dentistry with 3d Printing?

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At Image Dental, we stay ahead of the curve. With the addition of 3D printing, we can satisfy our patient’s dental concerns using the latest technology, producing incredible results. We are excited to bring the future of dentistry to our Stockton office and continue to provide exceptional patient care.

Our dentist, Dr. Nozaki, is committed to staying up to date with the latest advancements in the dental field, and 3D printing in our office, is just one more way we deliver amazing results.

Are you ready for cosmetic & restorative dentistry with advanced technology that will surpass your expectations?

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Advantages of Using 3d Printing

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3D printers have been around for years. However, most machines were far too bulky and expensive to use for an everyday setting, like a dental office. But 3D printers have become more refined.

The newer 3D printers produce faster results than their predecessors. By using the software and digital photos of your mouth, we scan these into the computer.

The computer and printer can create a real-life representation of your mouth. We can then use the 3D printer to create a restoration that fits perfectly for your situation, be it a crown, bridge, or even a partial denture. Our office uses high-quality resin, for longer-lasting, more durable fixtures.

3D printing has been used for dental care in the past but remained mainly at off-site labs. Here, a technician would use digital images and create the restoration; they have to ship them back to the dental office.

Having access to this technology in our office, there is no need to wait weeks to get restorations back or have guided surgeries with better precision.


✔️ Better restoration fixture quality.

✔️ Quicker production of crowns and other dental devices.

✔️ No more dental impressions or molds needed.

✔️ Natural looking results.

✔️ Long-lasting restorations, with high-quality materials.

✔️ Better visualization for guided surgeries.

Why Wait Weeks for Teeth Replacements

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Traditionally, when a patient needed to have a tooth replacement, or even a full arch replaced, it required a lot of time. It could take weeks for a restoration to be made and sent back to the dental office. In this time, the patient would have to walk around unhappy with their smile and having a gap that made them uncomfortable.

For those that need to have a tooth extracted, waiting for weeks to fill the gap was just undesirable. With 3D printing, the game has been changed. You no longer have to wait for your restoration to arrive; it is all done in our office. Most restorations can be completed in a single day, sometimes within hours. If you desire a better, faster way to fill a gap in your smile, 3D printing is the method of choice.

No More Messy, Uncomfortable Molds- Beautiful Restorations in a Day

Perhaps you have heard about same-day crowns. This is done with the help of 3D printers and digital technology. Instead of taking the time to create a mold of your mouth, to make a restoration, we use the accuracy of the CAD software, and 3D printer creates the ideal restoration to fit your needs.

Imagine not having to wait weeks to get your new partial denture, or to fill a hole in your smile, especially if it is your front tooth. 3D printing has just gotten started, and the abilities for which it is capable of is still expanding. We are pleased to give our patients the best possible care and results, using the technology available.

Our Guarantee

We know that for some the use of technology to create something they will wear every day can seem a little foreign. But this practice has been used for decades, only wasn’t practical for dentists to have in their office. We guarantee you will love the results of printed restorations and better surgical outcomes with the use of 3D printing capabilities. You don’t have to wait weeks to get your dentures, bridges or crowns made. Get the smile you deserve today!

Learn How 3d Printing Can Benefit Your Dental Needs

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3D printing can be used for many different aspects of dentistry. At Image Dental, we are pleased to provide this advancement in dentistry, to give our patients faster results for their restorations, and superior results for surgical procedures.

If you are curious about what a difference 3D printing can make for your dental needs, contact us today for an appointment. Call our office at (209) 955-1500 or you may request an appointment online, any time!
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