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Making the most of oral exams & teeth cleaning & how you can be proactive

Routine office visits for teeth cleanings and exams are vital to a lifetime of healthy teeth. For younger people especially, oral health is sometimes easy to take for granted, but the truth is, you need to take care of your teeth to avoid the chance of losing them. Over 35 million Americans have no teeth and over 175 million are missing at least one tooth. We feel that it is safe to say that those numbers are scary! However, avoiding this frightening statistic is not difficult. Good oral hygiene at home paired with routine dental exams and cleanings can help to ensure that you do not run into serious oral concerns at any point in your life.

For the average patient, we at Image Dental strongly recommend an exam and cleaning every six months, as is the American Dental Association standard. All patients are different and some may fall into higher risk categories that may create circumstances where more frequent visits are beneficial. However, this is determined on the basis of each individual patient and Dr. Nozaki can discuss the option of a different schedule for you if are considered “at high risk” for tooth or gum disease.


What exactly do dental exams and teeth cleanings cover?

The goal of a routine oral exam is for your dentist to check for any possible health concerns that can include tooth decay, gum disease, bone loss, cysts and more. With the DIAGNOdent laser examination system, nothing goes undetected! Digital x-rays are often taken at this time as well. If you have existing dental work, it will also be examined to ensure that it is holding up without issue. Dr. Nozaki will always inform you of what he finds. We know the importance of keeping communication open between doctor and patient. If there are problems, we will find solutions!

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Professional deep teeth cleanings

Regular Dental Exams And Teeth Cleanings Are Important For Good Oral HealthDental cleanings by your hygienist follow the initial exam and include a few different steps to give you a very detailed clean-up. Plaque and tartar are removed from the teeth by use of special instruments. Tartar is a plaque that has hardened and is no longer removable without dental tools. Tartar can form on any part of a tooth including the area below the gum line. Following the removal of plaque and tartar, the hygienist will floss and polish your teeth before adding a fluoride treatment. Once this final, short process is complete, the cleaning is finished. Our patients love that deep clean feeling!


You mentioned DIAGNOdent… What is it?

DIAGNOdent is a machine used by dental professionals to detect oral issues as soon as they pop up. By use of a laser of light that is shone inside your mouth, your dentist can make sure to catch every last concern, no matter how small. By reading the wavelengths of light as reflected off of the surface of your teeth, DIAGNOdent can find any and all areas where decay has begun to occur. This type of preventative dentistry can help save you time, money and worry by catching small problems before they have any chance to become bigger problems.


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