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Cosmetic Dentistry In Stockton

Image Dental is a  leading provider of cosmetic dentistry services, our Stockton dentist provides full range of services including bonding, teeth whitening, veneers, and bridges. With these dental services, Image Dentistry makes it possible for patients to be a step closer towards achieving their best smile. Some of the cosmetic dentistry services we provide are:


Addressing common habits that can stain the teeth such as tobacco use and coffee drinking, we offer effective teeth whitening solutions that help give patients a brighter smile. We provide the most modern practices for teeth whitening procedures. We provide gel or other whitening agents for.

Our dental bonding procedure is considered by many as among the most affordable and practical cosmetic dental solution. This type of procedure is done in order to address chipped, decayed or fractured teeth. It is also used in situations wherein the tooth is already discolored. We make use of resin that matches the color of your teeth to make it appear as natural as possible. After the application of resin, it is then hardened either by laser or UV.

We also cater to children, teens, and adults who are looking to put the perfect smile, but not not like the idea of traditional metal braces. Since braces can be a source of insecurity especially to growing teenagers, we are trained and certified to offer Invisalign, the latest system in orthodontics which makes use of clear and smooth plastic aligners instead of typical metal wires.

Aside from aesthetics, Invisalign can keep the cost of treatment down as it only requires fewer visits to our dental office.

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